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mock trials

Our mock trial studies are designed to provide a wealth of information on attitudes and experiences, to assess jurors' views of the merits of your arguments and evidence, to evaluate the effectiveness of key witnesses, and to generate rich, revealing discussion in jury focus groups. The result is vital feedback on case facts and parties, and enhanced juror profiling and voir dire development.

voir dire services

Our research is designed to go several layers beyond demographics to identify attitudes and experiences that sub-groups of jurors, such as those most favorable to your case, have in common. With research in-hand, we work with you to develop voir dire questions to make the most of your strikes. We also assist clients in conducting voir dire at trial.

first look studies

A low-cost, rapid turn-around study requiring minimal attorney time, designed to garner juror input before discovery has closed.

We assist you in developing a case summary for study participants and then conduct in-depth one-on-one phone interviews to understand the most salient aspects of the case, and the way individuals process and engage with the case facts and characters. It is an economical way to get objective feedback on a case very early, from the kinds of people who would ultimately sit on a jury.

demonstrative evidence

We produce trial graphics in a variety of media: animation, video, PowerPoint, exhibit boards and models. Our demonstratives are designed to communicate your core messages quickly and persuasively.

electronic trial presentation

Our courtroom presentation system gives immediate random access to any exhibit for maximum control and effectiveness in trial presentation. Our battle-proven trial technicians are at your side before, during and after the trial day to ensure a smooth, controlled presentation of evidence.

Trial Vision Graphs