"I used Trial Vision in a monster case that lasted 10 years, encompassing numerous hearings, depositions, mediations, jury focus groups, and a three month federal trial that was entirely electronic – no paper evidence. To say that they were an indispensable part of the total victory is an understatement. They were there every step of the way, into the wee hours and with no days off. The case involved remediation of a nuclear waste dump and was replete with the most complex documents and an army of experts on highly-technical regulatory and scientific subjects. Trial consultant Joani Benoit and her team were able to translate what could have been an incomprehensible morass of facts and esoterica into an easily understandable and logical presentation and defense. They were especially effective in working with us on arguments in which they produced graphics that encapsulated and explained the most complex, jargon-riddled, convoluted facts into a compellingly persuasive format. Their graphic juxtaposition of documents put facts in context and their animations made mind-blowing scientific principles understandable and even entertaining. I would not enter a major litigation without them!"

"I have used Trial Vision on several cases, both large and small, over the past 10 years. Their services have included mock jury exercises, as well as preparation of demonstrative exhibits for trial. Joani is very insightful, quickly grasping the key issues in the case, and always bringing something of significant value to the equation. Furthermore, Joani understands the importance of meeting deadlines. When it comes to trial consultants in Seattle, Joani is at the top of my list."

"... Trial Vision became invaluable. The following are some, but certainly not all of the assistance they provided... Trial Vision pulled together a team that created a technologically outstanding mediation presentation that frankly blew the socks off the opposition and resulted in their changing trial counsel... organized and set up a mock trial... developed demonstrative exhibits used at trial.... [T]he Court entered judgement in favor of our client for a total recovery of close to $100 million, including interest and attorney fees. There was no appeal. Trial Vision contributed immeasurably to that result." Read entire letter.

"I have worked with Joani Benoit and Trial Vision for years on a number of cases. They have always provided excellent service, good ideas, and done so promptly and relatively inexpensively. I would not hesitate to recommend Joani and Trial Vision. I look forward to working with them again."

"Joani Benoit has a strong ability to see a case through the eyes of a juror and to boil its complexities down to simple concepts, and those insights underpin her strategic and tactical advice. She's been a valuable part of my team on projects large and small reaching back nearly 10 years, and I look forward to future collaboration."

"Joani Benoit and her company, Trial Vision, provided outstanding support to us during a significant patent infringement litigation trial in the Western District of Washington: Precor, Incorporated vs. Life Fitness. In addition to coordinating the development of all visual aids and demonstrative exhibits, Joani came up with some very creative ideas for presentation of exhibits and testimony to achieve early maximum jury comprehension persuasion. Joani brings to every assignment contagious enthusiasm and professionalism which make her a joy to have on any litigation team. I recommend her without reservation."